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Clevr E&M

Clever E&M,

It is a company that fosters entertainers and creates content .


Clever is a company that wants to create and share stories that the future protagonist expresses himself, fosters curiosity, and imagines.

Based on specialized acting education, we provide training programs and new media-based content that foster creator qualities.

The reason for our existence is to make the creators themselves shine through the exclusive MCN business, rather than staying in the highest level academy business and entertainment agency activities.

Clever's mission is to cultivate a rich heart that transcends borders while providing "dream" and "impression" to all by distributing high-quality content that fits the status of Korea, a cultural powerhouse.

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Clever E&M, 6F, 120 Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul


Audition support and marketing proposal

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