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Clever's educational philosophy is to observe, trust, and create.

Observe to elicit your potential capabilities

We do our best to educate you so that you can trust and follow.

And it brings out the ability to help you shine brightly.

yoo &Heo

Meet Yoo & Huh

Everything has changed.

Clever's own children's education system

We are nurturing talented people who are ready for the future.

Talented people who will adapt to the new media era

Participating in direct development and production We are expanding into new business.

Prepare for the future of your child with Clever, who is rapidly responding to the new media era as well as overall broadcasting activities.

Why you shine,

The power to move the world,

-CEO Yoo-jin Yoo, Jae-seong Hur-

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Clever Academy has a systematic and clear curriculum

Discover the best talent.



Basic breathing, vocalization, and pronunciation are trained, and acting is studied through practice. This is a subject to study/practice/present short scenes or two-person dialogue, and learn the basics of scene analysis and study of characters in the play.


It develops the ability to understand and express acting, and trains to act spontaneously and creatively through improvisation training.


Students develop in-depth dialogue analysis skills and train camera techniques. Various acting forms and scenes are studied and presented through hands-on practice. It aims to prepare auditions for general theater, musical and media specialties. Students will increase their repertoire as professional actors and train a variety of techniques, etiquette, and ability to cope with situations required for actual auditions.


Physical training aims to develop a sense of the body that is appropriate when the actor is acting. It is to recognize and be aware of the sensory processes of one's body so that they can control the state and consciousness of the body at the moment of acting.

We develop repertoire through customized training such as dance and mime, height growth program, and model.

“Feel, to feel means to understand, to understand means to act”

                    -Stanislavski (1863-1938)

<Actor's body reacts psychologically>

Musical & Vocal (MUSICAL & VOCAL)

This is a class for singing musicals and general songs.

This is a complex class with not only singing technique but also body expression, facial expression, and emotional expression. With the aim of preparing auditions for the professional stage of general musicals and dramas, we will increase our raptorship as a professional actor, and learn various techniques required for actual auditions and the ability to cope with courtesy situations.


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