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The path to becoming a true pro

Clever always strives to find the best stage you can experience.

Clever's own casting manager can help you find your stage in a variety of fields.

You only focus on learning, Clever grows with you.


Clever Agency System

Clever Entertainment is Clever's own in all media such as dramas, commercials, movies, and commercials.

It is a comprehensive management in charge of acting instruction, vocals, casting, and audition by melting the contents .

Talent discovery



You shine with Clever!


Creation of own content

We produce and own our own contents such as "Kids Doll Vitamin", "Clever TV" and "Creative Musical".

We are always ready to grow the best stars through real know-how.


Kids Doll Vitamin

A full-fledged childbirth encouragement idol! National nephew!

Average age as a 5-member kids doll in Korea, first introduced by Clevr Entertainment

It is a concept of a pretty nephew-like image of 10 years old girls.

Currently, the 2nd members are composed of Bomi, Chaemin, Naye, Hyewon, and Juha.

Each member is currently appearing in domestic dramas, movies, and commercials as a child actor.

have. As the name suggests, vitamins that will be refreshing and vital to tired modern people are now

You are perfectly poised to snipe your taste.

​ Released the 2nd vitamin digital single album'Fly High'
​ Release of Vitamin Digital Single Album Vol.1'Happy Day'


Vitamin Single Vol.1 Happy Day released

Vitamin Single Vol.2 Fly High released

Hobi and the Secret of Mother Tree Island ost


Valletta's Day Romantic Concert

Icheon Sharing Campaign Performance
Korea-China Art Festival Performance

Jamsil Sharing Festival Performance

Cheongnyangni Word of Mouth Bazaar Performance

70th Liberation Anniversary Performance of the National Assembly Building

Lotte's word of mouth bazaar performance

Goyang International Flower Fair Performance

Riverside Enter Six Performance


Hobby and Mother Namu Island's Secret Ambassadors

Jogyesa Temple World Meditation War Ambassador
Ambassador for the 70th anniversary of liberation
Ambassador of the Korean Federation of Jump Rope

Angels Haven'Baby Angel Guardian' Ambassador

Korea-China Art Festival Ambassador

Clevre E&M

Clevre E&M
Clevre E&M
Clevre E&M

Clevre E&M

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s/s season


Play cleaver

Clevr signed an exclusive contract for "EDI Korea Children's Public Education Musical Production and Distribution".

​We provide an opportunity to perform at theaters in Seoul/Gyeonggi, receiving an appearance fee after musical classes.

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